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To Have Love and Romance

Posted on May 12, 2016 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The stirrings within your heart represent the song of romance calling to you. If you are reading this now, it is a signal that you should follow the pathway of those feelings. Perhaps you have met someone who made your heart leap, and you wonder whether to pursue him or her. The answer is YES! Take action by flirting, asking the person out on a date or making your feelings known.

If you have been longing for more romance in your life, the very fact that you are reading this message right now is a signal to take charge to make that happen. You can 'romance' yourself by treating yourself to a massage or pedicure, buying yourself something special or watching a romantic movie.

You can also actively pursue and attract romance! First affirm that it is already inside of you! A partner definitely brings these feelings to the surface; however, they were within you as a potential initially. The more you affirm, "I am romantically loved". the more you attract this condition within yourself and through a relationship.

In some cases, if you are reading this message, you are ready for a NEW relationship. Take this as a sign that you are to take action, such as being aware of people you meet who may be potential partners, as well as frequenting places where such potential partners may be such as locations or events associated with your hobbies and interests.

See and understand that having love and romance in your life requires affirmation that you have it and then taking and romance don't just fall into your lap! No honey, you must first have it within you and then go get it!


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